“Native” SPICES OF Syros !!

Trees and shrubs we pass by every day in the countryside of the island have fruits used as flavourings from antiquity. Spices except from their magical taste and smell are needed to digest food and provide to our body valuable components which are hard to get otherwise.

Their use is therefore not a “luxury” but they are absolutely necessary and it is good to learn how to use them. The seminar presented the main spices used in Greek cuisine together with other less known that suit Greek flavours creating unexpected results.

We talked about the properties and proper cooking in order to have an easy to digest food reaping all the benefits of their use.
We experimented with our own mixes in neutral tasting bread bases and vegetables choosing some of the five basic tastes as a basis for making.
We made our own bread with spices unknown for such use.
We enjoyed aromas and flavours, we got to know each other and had great fun !!!


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