On May 19th I gave a cooking demonstration of four dishes from the Aegean aboard Celestyal Olympia one of the ships of Celestyal Cruises at the invitation of Mr. George Kalostos. Eggs Buleri, Vourliotiki salad, dellagratsiano eggplants and cheese pie with honey. All inspired by traditional recipes except from the sweet, which is a recipe of Antonia Chalavazi from Syros. George by organasing these presentations aboard the ships of Celestyal Cruises offers passengers the opportunity to experience the culinary tradition of the Aegean tasting various and interesting dishes and local products they would’t have the chance to taste otherwise.

There was great interest and participation and I thank George for giving me the opportunity to become an ambassador of our culinary tradition to so many people of different nationalities and share with them my knowledge, flavors and fragrances from Greece. I admit that the wild herbs which I gathered from Syros stole the show !! Smells and tastes unprecedented for them…

Thyme, sage and fennel sent them over to the island and livened up the demonstration and the dishes.