Highlights from the cooking lesson that I gave on 6/10 at the restaurant MAZI in Ermoupoli, where I worked as a chef and kitchen manager.
I thank George Vlachos the publisher of “Syrgiani” magazine and Nikos Anagnostopoulos for the photos.

In this lesson I presented three vegetarian recipes and their variations.
Traditional recipes suitable for the everyday meal without meat and ingredients easily found in a kitchen.

25 people attended and 12 cooked.
The dishes we prepared :
Stuffed vine leaves with rice or bulgur, vegetables and tahini.
Zucchini balls in the oven in three variations.
Tzatziki as it is made in Cyclades with sour Ios cheese, cucumber, mint and lemon zest

We cooked, ate and had fun all together renewing our appointment for the next seminar …


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