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Nettle, borage, spring onion leaves and leaves from one of the plants of the lathyrus family to which belong peas, vetch and beans.

The nettle is a plant ‘panacea’ from all aspects, nutritional and therapeutic with amazing flavor. Borage tastes cool like cucumbers and its flowers look gorgeous and have a delicious taste. The “wild pea” tastes earthy and starchy.

All this combined with a simple lemon sauce with a teaspoon of pollen and olive oil.

And enjoy !!


To be able to gather, wash and cut nettle wear plastic gloves. Pick the tender stems then wash them well and blanch with boiling water for 1 minute. Do the same with borage. Collect tender shoots with buds then blanch them for about five minutes, because now they are not so tender. Strain and wring well. They should not have any water. Then finely chop borage. Leave the nettles as they are or cut them a little. From “wild peas” keep the tender shoots and flowers, if any and wash them well putting them on paper to dry. Chop the leaves of the spring onions not using any of the white part.

Put all ingredients in a large container to be able to mix well, add salt, a little pepper and the sauce and mix well.

When ready to serve add the borage flowers on top.

Add nettle in omelets, soups, legumes, pilafs and in pies. Boiled with olive oil and lemon juice taste delicious or use them raw in green salads well crushed with some salt.

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