Explore the “meze” Greek tradition with live Greek music

Enjoy Greek hospitality at its best

What to expect

Hands-on cooking lesson

Welcome cold herbal tea, 6 “meze” dishes, various local cheeses, local cured meat called “louza”, dessert, house wine from Paros, tsipouro, filtered water

In Greece when we gather to listen to live music we share a variety of small dishes called “meze” while drinking house wine or tsipouro.

In this cooking experience, you will learn how to prepare cold and hot “meze” that is outside the mainstream of Greek food with the help of Maria, who is an experienced chef specialized in Greek cuisine.

In all the dishes we will use foraged wild herbs and spices and we will talk about the history and the uniqueness of rural Cycladic cuisine. All of our vegetables are organically grown and you will have the chance to taste local cheeses and cured meat. 

By the time our meal will be ready a group of exquisite musicians will join us and we will all listen to greek music from 1930 to the present day for about two hours. 

An overall experience which is a journey into time, feeling the history and culture of Syros on your plate and enjoying Greek hospitality at its best.


Duration:  appr 6 hours
Group: 3 – 12 persons
Start: 17.00

The lesson is in English and if necessary in French or other languages on request.


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