Artisanal cooking and wine tasting

Are you ready to try one of the world’s best rose wines and enjoy it with a special meal?

This artisanal cooking experience gives you the opportunity.

Ousyra Fokiano, an extremely rare indigenous Cycladic variety,  is among the 10 world’s best rose wines for 2024.

OuSyra wine range includes some very exciting bottles produced from three rare, almost forgotten, indigenous Cycladic varieties, Fokiano, Serifiotiko and Monemvasia.

It is made in a boutique family-run winery on the island of Syros.

Discover how an innovative menu of 6 dishes cooked with local indigenous herbs never used in cooking pairs with the three organically farmed wines of Ousyra Winery’s Ungrafted project.

Three unique spice blends, one for each wine, made from local indigenous herbs, were created especially for this project by Mrs. Krina, a chef with more than 20 years of expertise known for her innovative approach to Greek Cuisine 

This is an exclusive culinary experience with a menu we are proud to present for the first time—a menu you don’t want to miss.


This is a hands-on cooking experience using foraged wild herbs and spices.

You will

  • Taste the award-winning wines of Ousyra Winery from Indigenous, UNGRAFTED vines


  • Pair them with a menu created especially for these wines, based on traditional recipes from the Aegean


  • Taste the three unique spice blends, which Maria Krina invented for this project only, that are used in the dishes and are paired with each wine


  • Learn their secret recipes


  • Touch, and smell many of the native wild herbs and spices of Syros to sense for yourselves what makes these herbs so exceptional


  • Chop organic vegetables and fresh herbs along with the wild foraged ones to help prepare the dishes


  • Cook with them in an innovative way


  • taste and use exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil from an Indigenous Peloponnese variety that few people grow anymore called “mavrolisio” and grows in the Messinia area, famous for its olive oil quality

For this cooking experience, I created innovative variations of seasonal dishes using various local recipes from Syros and the Aegean to highlight each wine’s special characteristics.
A dessert along with three cold and three hot vegetarian dishes, given that people in this area rarely consumed meat until the 1960s.

Our meal will be a journey through time and history. These days, the diet was based on some fish, vegetables, grains, eggs, cheese, and cured meat they had prepared themselves. All of them were, and still are, of exquisite quality and taste.

Pairing a dish with the right wine has always been intriguing for me as a chef.

Especially when I meet the people who make the wines, and they inspire me with their work, their devotion, and their passion.

This is how this cooking experience unfolded for me. I started by creating the menu and then thinking about the suitable wines to pair with it.

After meeting Edward, the owner of Ousyra Winery in Syros, I decided I would work the other way around. His personality, his work, and his wines created a spark of creativity that changed my perspective on this cooking workshop.

After meeting Edward, the owner of Ousyra Winery in Syros, I decided I would work the other way around. His personality, his work, and his wines created a spark of creativity that changed my perspective on this cooking workshop.

His innovative approach to what he does, as well as his hard work, are similar to mine. His respect and love for the land and his vines pair with the values I hold dear when cooking and eating. When foraging. As a result, this is an exclusive cooking experience in which wine is the main protagonist and inspiration for the dishes.

I invite you to join me on this culinary and wine-tasting adventure, being open to surprise, as the menu will be revealed to you on the day of the experience.

Of course, we can accommodate any dietary needs if asked in advance.

 “Cooking Tales hands-on Greek Cuisine” is run by Maria Krina.

She is a professional chef who has worked for 20 years in restaurants and boutique hotels, and she has been a pioneer of the holistic cuisine and organic food movement since 1998. She uses her degree in education to educate people on Traditional Greek Cooking and nutrition for health and wellness. Over the years, she has educated more than 500 people in her workshops and cooking classes.

Her cooking is more than just preparing meals. It is a culinary journey that celebrates the richness of local ingredients, respect for the seasons, and harmony with nature.

For her, holistic, mindful cuisine is more than a trend; it’s her passion and way of life.


Duration Appr. 5 hours

From Monday to Sunday

Group 2 – 8 persons

Choose between a morning start at 10.30 OR an afternoon start at 17.00.

The lesson is in English and, if necessary, in French or another language on request with an additional fee.

What to expect

A hands-on cooking lesson

Welcome cold herbal tea, 3 hot and 3 cold dishes, various local cheeses, local cured meat called “louza”, 3 Ousyra wines from rare Indigenous Cycladic varieties, and filtered water

Dessert, coffee

A relaxed informal lunch or dinner


Contact us to book your slot