A Tailor-Made Science-Based Meditative Cooking Class: How our emotions and thoughts flow through our food!

Even though more than 380 people have tried it since 2016 and rated it 5 stars, this is not a CLASSIC cooking experience!


It’s a way to discover more about yourself and how you relate to your food


This is a hands-on cooking experience using foraged wild herbs and spices.

You will


  • touch, smell, and taste the native wild herbs and spices of Syros that have spiced the local dishes since antiquity, the tastes and aromas that our ancestors lived with, and can still awaken all your senses to generate a feeling of mindfulness


  • add them to the dishes, learning innovative cooking techniques


  • chop organic vegetables, use dried and fresh herbs, and spices using meditative practices to make a salad full of presence, emotions, and colors


  • discover why your feelings are so important when you cook and eat and how they change the vibration of your food


  • cook with your heart and embark on an adventure of pure joy


  • enjoy the colors, tastes, and textures of all the ingredients in a playful way


  • learn some tips to help you change the way you relate to your food


This is a journey into the magic of local wild herbs and spices for pleasure and healing.

By paying attention to the details, you will discover and experience an increased sense of calm and clarity. You will also come to understand how and why this enhances the flavor of everything.

How we choose our food, prepare it, cook it, and eat it is just as important—if not more important—as what we eat. This meal, which combines art and cooking, will help you understand how to sustain focus and transformative change, nourish your body more healthily, and create an environment of peace and pure joy during the process.


Maria Krina, a Mindful Eating and 4D Dream Coach, wellness consultant, and energy healer, will gently introduce you to this process, which will help you create an attitude towards food that honors life.

She will offer you an unprecedented experience that combines taste, smell, and feeling, creating a balance of pleasure and health through food, naturally and effortlessly. You will cook together a vegetarian menu based on traditional recipes that is a feast for the pallet and the heart.

For her, holistic, mindful cooking is more than a trend, it’s a way of life.

She is a professional chef with over 20 years of expertise. She has a degree in education and has educated more than 500 people in traditional Greek cooking and nutrition for health and wellness in her workshops and cooking classes.


Duration: approx. 5 hours

Group 4 – 8 persons or more under request

Choose between a morning start at 10.30 OR an afternoon start at 17.00.

The lesson is in English and, if necessary, in French or another language on request with an additional fee.

What to expect

A hands-on cooking lesson

Welcome cold herbal tea, 3 hot and 2 cold dishes, various local cheeses, local cured meat called “louza”, bottled wine, and filtered water.

Dessert, coffee

A relaxed informal lunch or dinner

All the recipes will be provided for your ongoing reference


Contact us to book your slot