A one-of-a-kind Traditional Cycladic Meal with Native Wild Herbs and Spices NEVER USED in cooking before!

A unique cooking technique is revealed by Mrs. Krina, a Chef with over 20 years of expertise

More than 200 people have rated this experience a 5-star since 2017!

Much more than a “cooking class”


This is a hands-on cooking experience using foraged wild herbs and spices.

You will

  • touch, and smell some of the unique wild herbs and spices of Syros to sense the combination of bright sunlight, salty breezes, and strong winds that have made these herbs so exceptional


  • discover the intensity of their flavor as a result of the Cycladic microclimate and how they give extra taste to food


  • use in the dishes herbs that are not normally used in cooking


  • chop organic vegetables and fresh herbs and enjoy their freshness and colors


  • learn tips on how you can absorb more of their nutrients


  • taste and use exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil from an Indigenous Peloponnese variety that few people grow anymore called “mavrolisio” and grows in the Messinia region, famous for its olive oil quality


to prepare a meal based on traditional recipes that is inspiring and exhilarating due to the simplicity of the ingredients and the complexity of the palate. This is a characteristic of all traditional Cycladic dishes, which highlight local cheese, organic vegetables, legumes, and grains. The unexpected use of the foraged herbs creates fresh and utterly delicious dishes that are surely outside the mainstream of Greek food. A meal for those who come to Syros to be off the beaten path and get true local color and taste.


Maria Krina, your personal chef for the day, will meet you at her house to cook and have lunch or dinner together.

She has broad culinary knowledge, a long experience as a chef and educator, and a deep appreciation and respect for all kinds of Greek ingredients and plants. She will guide you through the process, revealing some of her unique cooking techniques, nutritional information, and stories as you cook together.

Maria says, “There is no such thing as a weed in nature.”

She shares her passion, love, and scientific knowledge about herbs and spices, their use in herbal medicine, and their culinary uses.

At the same time, you will experience how simple, quality ingredients cooked with love and care can nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Maria Krina, a professional chef who has worked for 20 years in restaurants and boutique hotels, specialises in Greek cuisine. She has educated more than 500 people in Traditional Greek Cooking and nutrition for health and wellness in her workshops and cooking classes.

Duration Approx. 4 hours

Group 1 – 8 persons

Choose between a morning start at 10.30 OR an afternoon start at 17.00.

The lesson is in English and, if necessary, in French or another language on request with an additional fee.

What to expect

A hands-on cooking lesson

Welcome cold herbal tea, 5 dishes, various local cheeses, local cured meat called “louza”, bottled wine, and filtered water

Dessert, coffee

A relaxed informal lunch or dinner

All the recipes will be provided for your ongoing reference

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