Rupert and Laura

Rupert and Laura
October 3, 2020 Diagoras Vougas

“Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet!”   [a quote from a British poet….]
Below is a little review of our day with you in case this – or any part of it – should be useful in any way:

Gathering wild plants and learning to cook with them in Maria’s island kitchen was a magical and unforgettable experience.  There is something satisfying and wholesome about this approach to the land and to cooking. It nourishes the soul as well as the body, and teaches respect for the land.

Maria is a knowledgeable and delightful guide who has a relaxed and easy approach. We scrambled over rocks to the sound of the sea in the tiny cove near her home, gathering sea fennel, and foraged on the hillside for wild carrot, thyme, capers, and many more herbs and seeds. We then returned to her kitchen, where we drank an infusion of wild herbs  to refresh us, before we began chopping and preparing our lunch, using the wild food we had gathered together with other ingredients.  I was particularly taken with Maria’s use of infusions to cook grains.

The food was utterly delicious. Maria is, I think, rather special….
Thank you and hope to spend another wonderful day in the future on the hill and in the kitchen with you!